Friend Referral Scheme

We are pleased to announce the Friend Referral Scheme for all UKEC students.

In four easy steps, you could receive a payment of £200 per student you refer.

1. Refer a student to UKEC

2. They sign on to use UKEC services to apply to a partner University or College

3. They enrol at their chosen UK University or College

4. You receive your payment

The UKEC Friend Referral Scheme

Terms and Conditions apply.  Referred students must use UKEC services and go onto enrol at their chosen University in order for you to receive the £200 one off payment. Payment will be received via cheque or bank transfer. Payment will be received after UKEC has received commission for the student in question from the partner University or College. Students currently participating in alternative UKEC promotions(i.e. Student Ambassadors, Scholarships, Competitions), may also be eligible for the Referral Scheme.

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