Who are UKEC? What do we do?

1500x500We like to think that if you are on our Facebook page or you visit our website, you completely understand all of our services and what we do. But we realise that this might not always be the case.

There are hundreds of Education Consultants out there who do not provide all the information to students, or who simply want to get that offer and leave you to navigate the study abroad journey on your own. We will NEVER do this. We are 100% committed to providing a full, honest and complete service to all our students.

So… let’s re-introduce ourselves!

Who exactly are UKEC?

We are an Education Agency with 9 UK offices, 7 in China and hopefully more opening soon worldwide. UKEC was established by a group of International graduates who felt that students needed to know more information and receive more advice than what the Universities were telling them.

UKEC Staff

The International team who many of you will deal with when deciding to study abroad, are head-quartered in Manchester, UK. Your main contacts will be Tommy, oneof our fantastic Consultants, and Amina who you’ll speak to on Facebook, Twitter and by email.

What do we offer?

  • We offer FREE counselling services where we will sit down and discuss (by phone, email, face-to-face, social media or Skype) with you where you would like to study, what you would like to study and whether you have the correct qualifications for this.
  • We compile all the necessary documentations for you – including proofreading your personal statement, writing up the application form, and submitting to your chosen University or College.
  • We keep an eye on your application at all times, and update you whenever possible.
  • Once you’ve received your offer, we then assist you with any visa advice, scholarship applications, and preparation for studying in the UK.
  • We have additional partners with Accommodation services, student welcome and living services, and student storage to ensure you are as prepared as you can be for your study abroad journey.
  • Finally, once you arrive in the UK, we can pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation, as well as helping you get used to the UK culture so you don’t get too home-sick!

Cool.. so what are the next steps?

Get in touch! We are available in so many different ways, so there will never be a time when you  won’t be able to contact us. We’ll get back to you pretty much straight away and you are under no obligation to sign on with us and use our services once you get in touch. We’re happy to give you advice either way!

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