Looking After Your Finances

UK Money

At UKEC, one of our main aims has always been to make sure we look after our students once they arrive in the UK. This includes giving you advice and information on how to settle in and really make this trip worthwhile.

UK Money

One of many of our student’s worries is about finance. How will you afford the expenses as well as the tuition fees? Can you work to make ends meet?

To answer all these questions, we’ve written a short blog post, which we hope you will read to gain a little bit more knowledge about how you can afford to live, work, study and experience all that the UK has to offer!

Before you arrive in the UK

  • Save up your money! The key here is to begin early. As soon as you know you are going to be coming to the UK, start saving your money. Don’t go out to eat as often, buy cheaper items instead of the more expensive ones. One trick is to put away a small amount each day or week. This soon adds up!
  • Research bursaries and scholarships in your home country. If you’re a student who has really good results and some work experience, chances are you might be able to receive a scholarship – either from your home government or from a private organisation i.e. British Council, Chevening Scholarship, Fulbright Award etc.

Once you are in the UK

  • When you first arrive, it is easy to rush into buying lots of items for your new accommodation, or buying your grocery shopping at the first store you see. Don’t do this! The University International team will guide you to the best and cheapest places to buy necessary items. If you are unsure and can’t wait until then, you can contact any of the Consultants at UKEC, and we will be happy to give you the information you need. If a UKEC Consultant is located in your area, we are also happy to show you the nearest stores and places to buy your things.
    Shop carefully!
  • Buy in bulk – especially for food. Don’t buy items each time you need to cook. Do a weekly or even a large monthly shop and split the costs with your housemates/flatmates. You will save lots of money this way!
  • Become a Student Ambassador. Paid roles as a Student Ambassador range from helping at open days, to part time work in some of the key departments such as the International office or with the Admissions team. This can lead to incredible opportunities such as work placements and internships. The benefits of being a Student Ambassador not only include fantastic work experience, but also that the University understand your work and study commitments so will only ask you to work when you are free and available.sa_banner
  • Off-campus jobs. Places like Manchester and London are very student friendly cities, and this means there will be many part time, temporary jobs available for students. You can find work in clothes stores, coffee shops, book shops, club ambassadors and many more.
  • On-campus jobs. Apart from becoming a Student Ambassador, you can find a part time job in the Students’ Union, Student Cafes and Restaurants or at one of the many on-campus shops that the University will have.104218773-Teen-student-working
  • Budget carefully. Use the UniAid calculator to work out how much you will spend, including tuition fees (if not sponsored), transport, accommodation, food shopping, requirement required for your course (especially if you are a Science or Art student) and entertainment. You can then minus this from your income and budget according to this.
Note: If you ever find yourself short of money whilst you are studying in the UK, all Universities have a finance and support department who can provide short term loans and relief until you receive additional funds from back home.

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