10 revision tips to help you ace that exam!

We all know before we get to the heavenly summer holidays, we have to go through a little bit of hell first. By hell, we of course mean exams and assignment deadlines! We know it get’s boring and repetitive, so we’ve put together a few ‘top tips’ to make revision that bit easier! Onwards!

TIP #1 - Stay Active

Studies show physical activity increases productivity and boosts your memory, as well as reducing tiredness and stress. Whether it’s a quick 20 minute walk (or run!) around the block or a sweaty weights gym session, make sure you take regular exercise breaks.

TIP #2 - Snack Right

Revision makes you hungry, we get it. But it’s crucial you make sure you eat the right type of foods. Brain foods include: almonds & blueberries (memory boost), wholegrain such as brown rice pasta and cereals (concentration), dark chocolate (yeah! for increased brain function and because it’s delicious!), seeds and fish.

TIP #3 - Find the Right Place

Find a quiet, clean place you can put your head down and study without distractions. This means no TV room at home, or coffee shops. Try libraries, college/University study rooms and your own bedroom.

TIP #4 - Group Revision

Go over your notes with your friends. Test each other on practise questions, and compare answers. You’ll be surprised at the new and different answers you might all get.

TIP #5 - Timing

Don’t study late into the night, the day before your exam. Prepare around 2 weeks in advance of your exam, create a timetable and aim to get as much revision as you can first thing in the morning, when your brain is most active.

TIP #6 - Flashcards

Write short answers on flashcards, and use these to test your memory. You can draw, write in different colours or scribble, but these are known to help a great deal with memorising key points.

TIP #7 - Stay Positive

Stay positive. Find a great mantra (such as ‘I got this!) and keep the belief that you can ace these exams. Surrounding yourself with positive energy will work wonders for your confidence and ability to study better.

TIP #8 - Breaks

Again, we can’t emphasise the importance of breaking up your revision with breaks. Whether that is to eat, take a nap, go for a walk or take your mind of the exam with a classic film, don’t make the mistake of working continuously throughout the day. Chances are your brain will get tired, and refuse to take in any more information.

TIP #9 - Practise!

Practicing sample answers to past exam questions can help train your brain to retrieve information. Find a few from one or two years earlier, and aim to complete one every other day.

TIP #10 - Mental Association

Whether this is associating certain colours with different sections of your notes, or even spraying certain flash cards with a certain perfume, mental association is likely to jog your memory during an exam associating that colour or smell with that piece of important information. Give it a try!

We hope these tips will help with your revision. Best of luck, we know you can do it!

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