5 tips to improve your English

Apart from the tests, textbooks, exams and exercises, there are other things that you can do to learn and improve your English skills that you might actually enjoy! Yes, that is possible, and here is how:


oldbooksImage source: JSTOR Daily

#1 Read a book in English

Do you have a favourite book in your native language that you love so much that you have read a million times? Well, read it again for the million and first time, but in English. This is good because you’re already familiar with the context and books are translated into so many languages these days.


#2 Watch a movie in English, with English subtitles

This is a brilliant way to strengthen your listening as well as speaking skills. Language in movies is far more informal and fit for everyday use than what you would find in a textbook so listen out for the pronunciation, rewind if necessary.


#3 Listen to English music

If you’re not a big reader, you can always read lyrics and sing along to a song… or better yet, tons of lyric videos are ready at your fingertip on YouTube. Just make sure you have a dictionary ready to look up any unfamiliar words.


hair-associates-twitter-iphoneImage source: Elle.com/Sosyal Medya

#4 Follow English social media accounts

Celebrities, sport stars, politicians, UKEC (!!), anything goes. This way you can learn some English in bite-sized chunks while you do your morning scroll everyday (and it’s only 140 letters on Twitter!)

iphone-6s-34Image source: BGR.com

#5 Change your phone’s language setting to English

Sticking with the tech theme, this may not seem the most helpful but you will introduce new words to your vocabulary that will come in handy.


We hope you found these little tips and tricks useful, give us a shout over at social media and tell us what you think! Happy studying!

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