England v Scotland

PX*4629476Image source: The Telegraph

Here at UKEC, we understand that moving away from your country and deciding where you want to call your home away from home is hard. To make the choice even more difficult, there are four nations in the United Kingdom to choose from and it is often confusing – what is the difference?

So in the spirit of Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War, we thought we would pit one of the UK nations against another and see how they would fare in the following aspects. First up, England v Scotland.


shoppingImage source: Daily Mail Online

Oxford Street in London is the busiest shopping avenue in all of Europe, with half a million visitors daily. Even though the Scottish shopping scene is no match to that of London, Glasgow’s ‘Style Mile‘ is only second to Oxford Street in the UK in terms of the variety and standard of shops.

So if you don’t fancy the hustle and bustle in London, check out the ‘Golden Z‘, which consists of Sauchiehall Street to the north and Argyle Street to the south, connected by Buchanan Street.

* * *

eatImage source: The Telegraph

When you think of English food, you think of fish & chips (which is technically Spanish), Sunday roast and pies, while Scotland is synonymous to the likes of porridge, shortbread biscuits and deep-fried Mars bars. Taste is all subjective so it’s up to you, which nation’s taste buds you like to adopt!

* * *

moneyImage source: Jugo Money Matters

London is notorious for its high cost of living, especially accommodation but outside the capitals, there is not much of a different – cities like Manchester, Nottingham and Glasgow are all considered affordable and great value for money. It really depends on what you’re after in a city and how willing you are to pay the extra in order to meet these requirements.

* * *

weatherImage source: Mainline Menswear

Ahhh Britain’s favourite subject. The British weather can change very quickly. Although England does not necessarily have the most pleasant climate, the temperatures in Scotland are generally lower in comparison to the rest of the UK so expect temperate winters and cool summers. In the Scottish Highlands, extreme weather conditions like gales, heavy rainfalls and even blizzards are likely during the winter months.

The UK is not known for its tropical weather but look on the bright side, if it wasn’t for all the rain, we wouldn’t get to enjoy such lush, green countryside! Which brings us to the next and final point…

* * *

sceneryImage source: Mirror Online

England is the largest country in Great Britain, covering 2/3 of the island and offers some incredible natural beauty, like the Lake District in the north west of England and the Peak District National Park that ranges from northern Derbyshire to Chesire, Greater Manchester, Staffordshire and Yorkshire.

Scotland, however, has its own designated National Scenic Area that includes some of the most well-known Scottish naturally stunning areas, such as Cuillin Hills, Glencoe and Ben Nevis.


We hope you have found this post useful in your decision making process. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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