10 essential study hacks that every student should know

SPM & STPM may be over, but the term is about to begin. You know, university term.

We all know that every student (in fact everyone) dislikes exams. Let us share some tricks with you to make them a little more bearable.

Give Your Notes a Makeoverlandscape-1431384870-notesImage Source: Tumblr/Pensandmachine

Highlight your books and notes.  Play with colours! If that doesn’t work, perhaps you can opt to use Post-it notes to write down anything that you’re facing difficulty with. That way, you don’t have to flip through or re-read when you’re searching for information you desperately need.

Another tip for improving the quality of your notes is to imagine that you’re preparing it for someone else. Be colorful, draw a mind map or even a diagram! Drawing diagrams will help you to visualize information, creating visual memories in your mind, which can be recalled in an exam. You’ll also be able to learn more effectively when you write things out by hand, so you might want to ditch the laptop for a bit.


Times New Roman is the Fastest Font to ReadFont.jpg

But if you have to read it on a device, or take notes on a computer, there’s a reason why Times New Roman is the default font for most applications!


Google it Like a Prosearch-google-like-a-pro_5283c6a66787f_w1500 (1).jpgImage Source: Visualy.ly

Can’t find the answers in your textbook? Save time and start researching for sources online. All you’ve got to do is to master the biggest search engine in the world – Google!


Ditch DistractionsScreen-shot-2011-07-25-at-7.03.34-PM.png

And we mean it. Can’t focus? Try downloading this free app – SelfControl (www.selfcontrolapp.com) and eliminate your access to distracting websites for a pre-set amount of time!


Say What? Say It Out Loud!read.jpgImage Source: Bookriot

We know that this may make you look a little crazy, but speaking out loud instead of simply reading helps. You’ll be surprised how much more you can remember when you’ve said it all out loud. Just give it a go!

Warning: DO NOT try this in a library!


Switch Your Study PlaceBest-Study-Spots.jpgImage Source: Learnu

We may be creatures of habit with favourite seats, but its best to avoid studying in the same place every day. Changing your study space or environment forces your brain to reform memories every time. Thus, making you more likely to retain all that new information.


Take Regular Study Breakslearning-what-counts.jpgImage Source: Brainscape

When your brain is working, you need to take regular breaks in between to help your brain absorb more information. Not only that, it also helps keep you motivated and focused when you’re working. Taking a short break after 45 – 50 minutes as your focus and concentration will become impaired after this period. Anything new after 1 hour 30 minutes does not get assimilated.

And when you’re back, have a short review session to look back over your newly learned material.


Teach What You Have Learnedjared_reading_to_teddy_022006-759056.jpg

The best way to test if you truly understand something that you’ve learnt is to try to teach it to someone else. If you can’t get anyone to listen to you, why not teach a class of stuffed animals?


Actually Talk To Your Teachers/Lecturersanigif_enhanced-10872-1396033186-1.gifImage Source: Paramount Pictures

Get to know them because they are the minds behind your exam papers. Pop into their office armed with a specific question or two. Just a quick chat with them 1 to 1 should give you an insight into how they think.


Treat Yourself


Trekking through ten chapters of Communications Law means you get a cupcake or a gummy bear. And perhaps, a quick nap.

Extra Tip: The hardest part of studying for an exam is starting. So go on and start. Right now! No excuses!

But before doing any of the above, don’t forget to enroll yourself in a good university. Talk to us, drop us a message or even drop by our office at Bandar Sunway to discuss your options and find out how we can guide you in taking your next step.


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