Is the English language important? Yes? No?

Whether it is for personal, study or work-related reason, we cannot stress the importance of learning English enough in this increasingly interconnected and globalised world. Allow us to share with you on some of the reasons on the importance of learning English language.

International Language

English Only Zone

Image Source: Lola

Although English may not be the most spoken language in the world, it comes second to Mandarin in terms of the number of speakers.  English is primarily used in international affairs and has official status even in nations where it is not the primary spoken language. It is estimated that over 2 billion people in the world communicate in English, with many more in the process of learning it. So, be a part of this and make the number even bigger by learning it yourself as well!

English is also the most common foreign language. When two people who come from different countries meet, English is used as a common language to connect. Hence, speaking English will help you communicate with not only people from English-speaking countries but all over the world.


Digital Age

Digital Age

Image Source: Linkedin

Perhaps you didn’t know that the primary language of the ubiquitous World Wide Web is, you guessed it, English. Typically, most websites, programmes and applications are developed in English first before being made available in other languages. Therefore, the knowledge of English will allow you to tap into more of the world’s intellectual resources.


Education & Higher Learning

High Learning.jpg
Image Source: Telegraph

Ever thought of studying abroad? Chances are you will need to learn English at some point along the way. Most of the top universities and colleges in England, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand offer courses, degree and master’s programs that are taught in English. Hence, learning English can significantly expand your choices when it comes to overseas education.


Job Opportunities

Job Opp

Image Source: Google

There’s also an added bonus if you are able to speak English; it opens up doors to job and employment opportunities in many countries and industries, not to mention plenty of travels. You need not worry about getting lost in any English-speaking country and will feel at ease as you’re able to speak the lingua franca. What’s more, careers that involve travel or international exposure uses English as their official language, and many employers look for a certain level of proficiency in English before they would even consider you. That simply means if you speak fluent English, you have better opportunities and options to choose from after university.

So, did we manage to convince you on the importance of English language? Share your thoughts with us!

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