Behold, the FIRST WAVE of Admission!

tumblr_mdj5cx3E6r1qhstaoo1_1280As a new academic year draws near, the time has arrived for the first wave of university admissions. Are you one of them or are you still in the midst of figuring out your next step? Truth is, although most British universities have yet to open for their next enrolment, many are open for application for the 2017 semester.

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Perhaps you may think that it’s too early to worry about university applications, the harsh reality is there are limited placements for international students and many students have already received their offer letters for next year’s admission, so we’re not lying when we say the early bird does catch the worm!


So, do you still think that it’s worth the risk to wait? Is it already too late?

How familiar are you with key dates for UCAS application? No idea at all? Here are some dates that you wouldn’t want to miss out in the next few months! it is highly likely that the universities that you’ve applied for may have already filled the available positions if you do miss a deadline but you never know! They may look at your application… Keyword: may, so be warned that there is no guarantee!


No student shall miss out on their golden opportunity! With UCAS, it is also important for you to know and understand how you should select your 5 options. Don’t just select them only because they are at the highest ranking because this way, you might just miss out on an even better opportunity. Allow us to evaluate and assist you in selecting the best package based on your personal information.

Did I hear you mumbling about graduating from your undergraduate course? Well, if you’re after a career change, perhaps you could choose to study at a postgraduate level. Ideally, this will either strengthen your knowledge or skills. The postgraduate courses are available for application at any time of the year but some popular programmes close after Christmas! Meaning you have tentatively 3 and a half months left.

Have we mentioned that we’re offering RM 1,000 worth of bursary for students who apply and enrol for the 2017 intake with us before the 31st of October 2016? Yup, so what are you waiting for? All you’ve got to do is drop us an email at or contact us at 03-5612 7213 to find out more!

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