Application UK: the solution to your postgraduate application woes

You’ve completed your degree. Some of you are fresh out of university, an undergraduate degree tucked neatly under your belt. Some of you have been away from university for a long time but still eager to get back on the educational train. You think back of the fond memories you had whilst at university, glancing wistfully at your academic certificate(s) and thinking to yourself…I want more.

university-application-form-1024x682Image source: TeenLife

And indeed you do deserve more! With more and more careers now demanding graduates with higher educational achievements, the pressure to climb the educational ladder can affect the career prospects of many in today’s society.


So you decide to pursue your postgraduate dreams. But then you turn on your laptop and an exhausting three-hour research frenzy ensues, not yielding anything particularly fruitful. Perhaps you browse through an online application service in the hopes that they might know what to do, but the quoted fees make you wonder if it is indeed worth it. You sigh in silent frustration and shut your laptop, wondering if you should just give up before anything has even begun.


Never fear, for there is a new application system in town, and it is more than ready and equipped to send you to the university of your choice, without the hassle of paying expensive fees or convoluted application processes.

Image source: Nordic Appeal

Introducing Application UK – an integrated and comprehensive online application system that helps you in:

1) Your search for the right university here in the UK

2) Your search for the right postgraduate course here in the UK

3) Correctly assessing your success rate for each application

4) Obtaining information regarding the UK universities of your interest.

5) Facilitating your application process to the UK university of your choice


And this service is provided for you at zero cost! You will not have to pay any service fees of any kind. In fact, when you have successfully completed your university application, we’re giving you £300 bursary as our way of providing you, the student, with some financial support. Because we know students these days need all the help they can get – especially in the area of finance.


Forget the endless circle of going to a university website and having to spend fifteen minutes just to obtain incomplete information about the course you are interested in, Application UK has compiled all the information you need, no matter the course. There is a comprehensive lists of universities here in the UK, listed according to their rank in the Times UK Ranking (alternatively, see our breakdown of the 2017 ranking here).


It’s okay if you have don’t have a target university, the website also provides a detailed list of subjects that you can access to gather information about the course you want (fees, duration of course, course start date etc.). All the information you need from over 120 established UK academic institutions and 11552 postgraduate course all in one easily accessible website.


So, at this point you have obtained all your information. But what about the application process? Applying to international academic institutions can sometimes be a pain, but with Application UK, this process is simplified for your convenience. With the freedom to apply to five different universities of your choice, you need only to upload your important documents and submit your applications. Through the website, you can also track the progress of your applications.


Once the admissions team in your university has given the thumbs up on your application, you will receive an offer from the university. With your successful enrolment onto your course, we’ll throw in £300 bursary just for you!

So, what will you achieve next? With Application UK, an amazing opportunity to obtain a quality postgraduate education has been placed in your hands. We can’t wait to see how far you go with the knowledge you’ll acquire!

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