Top 5 hacks for booking your travels in Europe

1Image source: Tall Poppy Cafe

Avid travellers, you’re in luck! The UK is conveniently located that many different European cities seem only a stone’s throw away, including Paris, Milan, Dublin, Brussels, Copenhagen and the list goes on and on. However, if you’re not used travelling by yourself or your family usually book your travels, chances are you may not know how to secure a good deal on flights and accommodation so here are five tips that you should know that can potentially save you quite a bit of money.


The best travel websites

Every trip starts online these days so here are some of the best travel websites you, as a student who loves to travel need to know:

Skyscanner: We cannot stress enough how useful Skyscanner is for finding the cheapest flights. Click here to book your next adventure.

Airbnb: This website has been an accommodation go-to for every modern traveller. Here, you can find anything from an affordable single room to a luxurious suite, so if you’re after a local experience then Airbnb is a must.

TalkTalkbnb: A new alternative to Airbnb. TalkTalkbnb is hosted by people who wish to transform their home into an immersive foreign language learning environment. It’s perfect for international student travellers who are willing to speak nothing but their mother tongue with the host, essentially paying for the accommodation with a little one-on-one language lesson.

These are not all as you can find plenty of great deals on transport year-round, especially if you book in advance.

Consult the Student Travel Agency

First of all, you don’t even have to be a student to use STA’s services but since you are a student then you might as well go in for a brief chat because more often than not, the agents will be able to find you the cheapest flights, and they can take care of your travel insurance, AND you get a little human interaction too.

Quick tip: If you do find a cheaper flight elsewhere, bring the quote into a branch and they may be able to beat it on the spot.


That Airbnb trick

If you’re a regular user of Airbnb then you must know that every time you refer the service to a “friend”, both you and your friend (actual or imagined by you) receive a £25 off your next bookings. Many users take advantage of this and create a new email address in no time to open a new Airbnb account (your “friend” account) and we trust you to figure out the rest.

The only risk is that booking requests from your brand-spanking-new Airbnb profile may stand a much higher chance of getting rejected due to the lack of reviews from other hosts so is that a risk you’re willing to take?


Image source: Huffington Post


Maximise your hand luggage space

On every flight, you are allowed a hand luggage and a smaller personal item (this can be a laptop bag, shopper bag, handbag or satchel,) both of which are measured by size rather than weight. Therefore, pack every square inch of your hand luggage and turn your personal item into an extra carry-on to make the most of your allowance.

Here is how:

Checking in luggage doesn’t come cheap, so this is a great way to avoid that extra cost for a short weekend getaway.


Take advantage of your student status

Don’t think just because you’re abroad, your UK student card is worthless because many tourist attractions as well as restaurants and cafes across Europe recognise UK student IDs and offer discounts. Be sure to use and abuse that privilege as you can save some cash if plenty of museum and gallery visitng is on your agenda.


If you missed, have a look at our student travel guide here not only on saving money but also how to travel safe in Europe as an international student. Don’t forget to check back regularly as we will be sharing more travel tips and news.

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