Why study in the UK?

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You must have definitely heard of friends and relatives flying thousands of miles away from friends and family to pursue their postgraduate education? But, what’s so special about studying in the UK anyway?

Let’s take a look at some statistics:

  • 1 in every 5 student in the UK is an international student (non EU)
  • The UK has the second largest international student population in the world.
  • China students in the UK numbered 90 000 in 2014/2015, followed next by India (18 320), Nigeria (17 920), Malaysia (17 060) and USA (16 865) respectively

If you’re looking to pursue a Master’s degree overseas, look no further than the glorious Union Jack, and we’ve compiled seven reasons why you’ll love studying here in the UK.


  1. It’s not that expensive

Living in London can incur great costs, but in other cities such as Manchester and Edinburgh, accommodation, grocery bills and the cost of transport are relatively inexpensive. Cities like those mentioned above can be equally exciting and have lots to offer without burning a large hole in your pocket.  There’s plenty of ways to save money, such as sharing a house/flat with friends, cooking at home instead of dining out, shopping at Aldi or Lidls instead of Sainsbury’s and many more.

Furthermore, a Master’s degree is considered cheaper here in the UK when compared to countries like the USA and Australia. Moreover, a UK Master’s degree lasts for a year, whereas it takes students in the US and Australia up to two years to complete their Postgraduate studies.


  1. Satisfying your wanderlust

Ever dreamed of that elusive European getaway? Whether it’s eating gelato under the sunny Italian sunshine or gaping at the glittering Eiffel Tower in romantic Paris, there are so many things to cross off the bucket list!

pic-1Image source: Easy Voyage

And don’t worry about the cost, with budget airlines and cheap accommodation websites scattered about Europe, you won’t have to worry about selling a kidney to fund your dream trip.

Don’t worry if you are desperate for a holiday but have not saved enough money to travel to Europe, there’s tons of fun things to do in the UK like witness the changing of guards at Buckingham Palace, sail along the dreamy lakes in the Lake District or pretend you’re ancient royalty among the ruins of castles along the Welsh coast.


  1. British culture

The Beautiful Game

What you see on TV is what you get. If you think those crazy fans reacting dramatically to a goal do not exist, then think again. What Pelé called o jogo bonito, the British live it. The football culture here is unlike anything you’ve seen. Even if you don’t really understand why 22 men would run around chasing a ball on grass is considered entertaining, you can be sure that once you’re in that stadium with tens of thousands of people, you will be swept away by the sheer insanity of the most celebrated sport in the world.


It’s no secret that British cuisine is not the best in the world but if you know where to find good food, then no doubt you will be able to experience the best of British cuisine.

Besides, the British have imported foreign cuisines from all over the world. You will definitely be able to find familiar flavours around major cities, and other exotic dishes from the far corners of the world as well.


The UK is well known for its music scene. With British singers dominating charts worldwide, it’s not hard to see why there are so many music festivals around the country year after year. Some notable examples include Glastonbury, V Festival, T in the Park etc.


  1. Winter, spring, summer and autumn

pic-2Image source: Duke House

Bing Crosby isn’t the only one dreaming of a white Christmas. To many of us internationals living near the equatorial line, snow is only something we have seen in television programmes. Here in the UK, it’s possible to enjoy the iridescent beauty all four seasons has to offer.


  1. Satisfaction isguaranteed
  • Four of the Top Ten universities in the world according to the QS World University Rankings 2016/17are British-based universities.
  • The UK has strict regulations on the academic standards and the quality of teaching in UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) is assessed regularly by the British Government’s Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) to ensure each subject area and department at every university is up to the standards in terms of curriculum design, assessment, student support, learning resources etc.


  1. Student support
  • The universities here in the UK also offer great student support services. The Student Wellbeing department is dedicated to help international students with issues such as health, learning difficulties, mental health counselling, registration with a General Practitioner and any distressing events that may involve your friends and family. That’s not all, there are many activities available through the university to help you meet like-minded people, make friends and settle into living in the UK!
  • Universities in the UK also provide bursaries, scholarships and student loans to help international students to fund their postgraduate degrees.


  1. Career opportunities
  • UK Master’s qualifications are acknowledged in many countries, making it easier for you to acquire a job once you have finished your postgraduate studies. But what if we tell you that you can start working while you’re studying? A Master’s student in the UK is permitted to work 20 hours during term time and full-time during holiday periods.
  • Some Master’s courses involve a (paid) work placement in which you can gain invaluable experience and contacts.


Hopefully we have whetted your appetite to come on an academic adventure here in the UK.  If you’re seriously considering a Master’s degree, then we urge you to think about coming to the UK for a world class education. Truthfully, the benefits outweigh the costs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance on your journey to a UK Master’s degree.



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