#AppUKinterview Ann Marie from Malaysia

Introducing Ann Marie, a student from Malaysia, which contributes to 5.4% percent of international students in UK universities and increasing.


Ann Marie Siaw, 23, Kuching                              

Ann Marie is a postgraduate Law student at University of Leeds and a member of the Malaysian society in Leeds. She is loves travelling and good food.


Why did you choose to study in the UK?

The choice to study in the UK was included in my undergraduate degree. The undergraduate degree that I took in Malaysia was a transfer degree, basically a 2+1 UK degree transfer programme. In addition, Malaysia is a commonwealth country and our legal system was based on the UK’s Legal System so it was technically better to study in the UK than elsewhere.


How was your experience in the UK so far?

The University of Leeds really takes care of students in every prospect such as studies, social life activities and even sightseeing which enable students to know more about the local community. This made studying in the UK a lot more fun and a memorable. The locals are nice, especially in Leeds. As Leeds is a designated student city, people were quite welcoming towards foreign students. Accent wise, the locals in Leeds are not too bad unlike in Manchester or Scotland so communication is really easy.


What challenges did you face?

Weather has been the hardest part to adjust. Being away from home and adapting to a whole new country took some time too. The time difference Malaysia and the UK is also a challenge. Whenever I’m free after classes, my family would be asleep, making it difficult to find time to call them. Generally everything else is not an issue.


Research before you move to a university because you only have a limited time, so make the most out of it


What are your concerns before coming to the UK?

Currency was a big issue. It was quite expensive to study here and it took a long time to decide when was the best time to exchange for the pound.


How do you remain connected to Malaysia?

Social media was my go to method to connect and talk to family and friends back there. It also helps to hang out with Malaysian friends in U.K and cooking Malaysian dishes together helped maintain my connection to my home country.


Advice for future students?

Definitely try to study overseas to experience independence and personal development as the whole experience widens your horizon. Europe is also easily accessible, so you can travel freely and cheaply. However, do your research before you move to a university because you only have a limited time. So make the most out of it!




The University of Leeds’ School of Law is 7th in the UK for Law (The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide, 2017), 5th in the UK for Criminology (The Guardian University Guide, 2017), Top 10 in the UK for the quality and impact of our research (Research Excellence Framework, 2014) and University of the Year (The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide, 2017).


International students are eligible for scholarships such as Head of School International Excellence Scholarship or the POLIS International Excellence Scholarship which waives £3000 off from the international school fees.

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