An Introduction to International Year One Programme

Being a parent with a child studying hard for those exams can be a source of worry and concern. Will your child achieve the grades they need for university entry? Typical of that excellent British education system, those grades are sky-high. It is only to be expected, as the UK has some of the best university rankings in the world.

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However, there are more options out there than you think. The International Year One programme is designed specifically for those who are concerned about entry grades, and gives them a better chance of university entrance. Best of all, the International Year One leads directly onto Year 2 of your chosen Bachelor degree program. This is a very valuable opportunity indeed, especially as the British university degree is very prized and respected worldwide. But what other benefits does this International Year One programme have, anyway?


Lower entry requirements

The International Year One has the benefit of having more generous entry requirements, meaning less pressure on the student. This is especially beneficial for parents who know exactly where and what they want their children to study.  Example entry requirements are simple: satisfactory completion of high school or a recognised foundation programme. If their child applies for an International Year One program, parents can rest assured that after their children have sat their exams, there will be greater opportunities to study and acquire a highly sought after UK education!


International Study Centres are based on the university campuses in the UK

This means that students studying an International Year One at an International Study Centre will experience exactly the same campus life as other university students. They will have access to the same facilities, libraries, and resources as other undergraduate students. Basically, there is no study discrimination between an International Year One student and a Year One Bachelor degree student! There is also the added benefit of experiencing studying in the UK, of course, so parents can rest assured that their children are getting their money’s worth.


Vast range of options within the university for progression

Unlike the USA, UK does not have the option of an “undecided major”, where the student can leave their options open for a final decision later along the line. However, the International Year One offers its students general options for progression, rather than a strict route. For instance, studying a Business and Management International Year One degree could potentially lead to BSc Business and Management, BSc International Business or even BSc Marketing Management. This means the International Year One is ideal for those students who want a bit of flexibility, and even better for parents who are unsure about the exact course their child wants to study yet.


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Tuition fees are more or less the same!

The international tuition fees for an International Year One program are more or less the same as the first year of a Bachelor degree. At Sussex University’s International Study Centre, the International Year One program costs approximately £16,830 (2016/17), the source can be found here. In comparison, a year of Bachelors study at Sussex University costs £15,100, source can be found here. The tuition fees are more or less the same, with the benefit of lower entry requirements, and direct entry onto UG 2nd year after completion. It’s a win-win situation. Finally, let us not forget that Bachelors study in the UK is 3 years long, which means that even after studying the International Year One and completing your degree, your child would still be graduating at the early age of 21/22. This is certainly well-ahead of their classmates who chose to study in USA, Malaysia or other countries instead. Students who graduate earlier have the benefit of settling into their careers earlier than their peers, working towards a hard-earned salary, and eventually supporting their parents. There is no better feeling for a parent than to see their child achieve a highly-prized Bachelor degree from a world-leading institution, and eventually earn a good salary.


Convinced yet? A couple of excellent UKEC Malaysia partner universities provide exceptional International Year One courses:

• Essex University

• University of Leicester

• University of Huddesfield

Contact our UKEC Malaysia counsellors for more information!

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