Interview with Spencer from Sarawak, Malaysia

Introducing Spencer, a student from Malaysia which contributes to 5.4% percent of international students in UK universities and increasing.

spencer-1Spencer Dee Yeong, 21, Sarawak                                                                        

Spencer is a third-year accounting and finance student at University of South Wales and a member of the Malaysian society in Cardiff. He loves meeting new people and travelling. Spencer hopes to get into a graduate scheme in Wales after he finishes his studies.


What influenced your decision to study in the UK?

The UK have a good education system and they meet my expectation to improve myself for the real world. Additionally, my choice of university has some of the most beautiful environment to relax and focus.


How was your experience in the UK so far?

It is amazing to experience the weather with four seasons which doesn’t happen in Malaysia. It is also fun to meet new people from different background. This helps with personal development and exposure to different cultures and societies.


What are some of the challenges that you faced?

Communication with students from different background is one of the prevalent challenges. Everyone speaks in a different dialect, which is difficult to understand. The time zone difference of 8 hours from home is also an issue. It becomes difficult when you have some free time but friends and relatives have already gone to asleep in Malaysia.


‘The Universities in UK provide valuable support’


What were your concerns prior to arrival in the UK?

I was worried that the quality of studies is high and that is true. But not to worry as lecturer are very professional in guiding us through the academic work. One concern is that, communication can be troublesome between people. But in the end, they are very patient. So, do not worry.


How do you retain your link to Malaysia?

I am still able to contact my Malaysian friends and family with Facebook and Skype. With technology, it is not hard to connect back home as internet service is strong in the UK. I try to travel with my community in South Wales from time to time, which helps me forget that I am away from home.


Was the UK up to your expectations?

Yes. They have provided facilities up to the maximum standards which cover my satisfaction. Whenever I am in need for help, there will always be some support service available.




What are some advice for future students?

It is a great opportunity to study in UK but not forget to experience the social society and enjoy the journey. Do not worry so much on conflicts and failure, the university will provide valuable support to help you achieve your goals. The people in the UK are also nice and friendly, so you are never alone.


University of South Wales is also voted as one of the top 10 UK universities at the WhatUni Student Choice Awards 2016. For more details, sign up here.

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