Why it is CHEAPER to study in the UK than in other countries!

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> At the Crossroads: UK or Australia

1You might have read quite a lot of good things about studying in the UK, but you might also have heard that it’s an exorbitant place to go to study.

Well, what if we tell you it could be actually cheaper to study in the UK, and with some good planning you can just make your UK dream come true right from today?


Right, so first things first, when we talk about studying abroad, we talk about tuition per year, and since most courses in UK universities are shorter than in other countries (1 year instead of 2 for postgraduate and 3 years instead of 4 for undergraduate). And so, despite the higher exchange rates of the pound, if you calculate tuition fee for the entire degree, courses in the UK usually turn out to be cheaper than in the US, Australia or New Zealand.

For example, check out the table below which compares tuition fees for the same courses with similar QS rankings (1 in a UK university and 1 in an Australia/Canada university):

Course University Country QS Ranking by course Tuition fee for the whole course for international students
(in GBP)
Master of Science (Computer Science) The University of Melbourne Australia 13 £49,007
MSc Computing Science Imperial College London UK 12 £28,200
MBA University of Toronto Canada 35 £67,367.00
MBA The University of Manchester UK 28 £41,000.00

Check out our Find a course or Find a university and use the filter function to find the affordable best universities in the UK for you!


There are many kinds of scholarships and bursaries offered by UK universities, from 10%, 30%, 50%, 100% to full scholarships, many of which could be within your reach. The problem is, when students look for scholarships to study abroad, not all of them are proactive in this search process. If you rely only on agencies’ referrals, you may stand a high risk of missing your full potential for scholarships.

The tip is to be strategic and remember the following when searching for them:

For example, this year the University of Worcester offers all non-EU students the Worcester Business School scholarships (£2500), while you can also apply for its International Postgraduate Scholarship (£2,000 – £3,000), and you can also get early payment of £500 if you pay in full.

Plus, don’t forget that if you apply here on ApplicationUK, you will also get an automatic £300 bursary ON TOP OF all those aforementioned scholarships and bursary.

By looking at all these possibilities, you may save up to £6,300 in tuition fee!

  • Early application always gives you a good advantage

For most scholarships offered by UK universities, you are required to have an offer into one of their courses before you can apply to scholarships. Therefore, the sooner you start applying to the universities and get your offers, the more time you will have to apply for scholarships, and the more likely you will get them.

Therefore, don’t hesitate and lose opportunities. Start applying today, get your admission offers, and apply to scholarships!


People usually look at the high exchange rates of the pound sterling (£), and talk about how the cost of living in the UK  could be higher than in other European countries. Now with Brexit looming large and the exchange rates going lower, it’s an even better opportunity for us to bust this myth and give you some tips about the cost of living in the UK:

Unless you aim to go to a non-English-speaking country where you can speak their language (for example if you aim to go to Germany and you can speak German), there can be no denying that it’s gonna be more difficult for you to get a part-time job (as most part-time jobs for students require you to be able to communicate with local customers). If you choose to go study in the UK, however, with your inherent English competency, there may be plenty of part-time job opportunities for you in various fields, such as restaurants, shops, call centre jobs, translation and interpretation, office administration jobs, etc.

Moreover, do you know that the minimum wage in the UK is higher than most other countries? (check out this site for more information: http://www.minimum-wage.co.uk/), so not only will you be more likely to find work in the UK, you will also be paid more, and that should help cover most if not all of your living expenses.

>> Job hunting 101

Lastly but most importantly, you may not think about this yet, but a part-time job is not just about earning money to cover your cost of living when studying abroad. It can make you feel confident and independent spending what you earn. It can offer you some extra cash to travel around. It can also give you the opportunity to go out more, interacting with local people and learning more about foreign culture. So much better than just staying home and studying till you finish the course, right?

So, hesitate no more, start searching and comparing courses , apply soon for a higher chance of getting scholarships, and start your dream of studying in the UK today!

Still have concerns about this? Have a chat with our support consultant now!

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