Spotlight on: De Montfort University’s most popular business courses

For prospective postgraduate applicants who are wondering where to study in the UK, there are plenty of excellent options out there. Arguably, the UK has some of the top business schools in UK, if not the world. Studying business in the UK is especially relevant if you are aspiring to eventually work in the UK. This article casts a spotlight on a promising option for all prospective business school applications – De Montfort University.


Leicester Castle Business School

Leicester Castle has gone through some very exciting changes indeed. Originally built in 1150, the historic Great Hall of Leicester Castle has recently undergone some rapid development, and boasts an exciting portfolio of new postgraduate and undergraduate courses. Students can enjoy at least 15 hours of contact time, in addition to access to academic mentors, professional coaches and practical experience opportunities. Best of all, there are no strict course background requirements – meaning any student with no prior experience and excellent undergraduate grades can apply and potentially receive an offer.

1) MSc Business Management in Sport

As a programme that explores the evolving area of management through sport, this programme focuses on governance structures, ethical considerations, major competitions, sports marketing and the political, social, economic and cultural contexts in sport. There are two intakes throughout the year, September and January.

Example Modules include:

  • Business Creation and Innovation
  • Ethics in Sports Management and Governance
  • Mega-Events: Global Sport in Perspective
  • Global Sports Marketing
  • Sports Heritage and Legacy Management

DMU also boasts excellent partnerships with leading sports organisations such as Leicester City Football Club, Leicester Tigers Rugby Football Club and Leicestershire County Cricket Club, meaning that DMU is the ideal place to pursue your interest in Sports Management in the UK.

2) MSc Business Management in the Creative Industries

MSc Business Management in the Creative Industries aims to provide a platform for students to develop theoretical and practical learning skills. The programme will develop theoretical and applied knowledge in the areas of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, strategy, finance, people management, brand design and the influence of technological innovation. This course also offers two intake periods, September and January.

Example Modules:

  • Leadership and Talent Management
  • Creative Technologies
  • Introduction to the Creative Industries
  • Integrated Brand Management
  • The Business of the Performing Arts

The programme especially suits applicants who have a background in art, media, and film industries, and wish to strengthen their business skills. It also suits applicants who are interested in building a career in the creative industries.

The courses consist of three semesters, the third semester where you can choose to participate in an internship or a dissertation – or even an Entrepreneurship Project. The Entrepreneurship Project is an excellent option for students who wish to improve their creativity and entrepreneurial skills (Source).

Faculty of Business and Law

The Faculty of Business and Law at De Montfort University is based in the Hugh Aston Building, which is a state of the art, modern study facility. It is also one of the largest providers of business and management education in the UK.

1) MBA (Global)

Particularly aimed at those students who are recent graduates and wish to enhance their employability skills, this course aims to develop communication and interpersonal skills for future work. The course style is very practical, with many opportunities to gain practical experience, and earning potential. The course offers both September and January intake.

Example Modules include:

  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Creation and Innovation
  • Work/Community Reflective Live Case Study

This course also offers the opportunity to gain invaluable practical experience by completing a 12-week project based in a UK company.

2) MSc Advertising and Public Relations Management

Similar to the MBA (Global), this course is particularly suitable for students who have no prior marketing experience or qualifications. The course focuses on the latest theory while placing great emphasis on practical elements. Key themes of the programme also include innovation and entrepreneurship, project management, customer management, paid, owned and earned media planning and international marketing perspectives, making it a fantastic option for those who wish to expand their practical skills.

Example Modules:

  • Marketing Theory and Practice
  • Managing Advertising and Communications
  • Marketing Research in Practice
  • Brand PR
  • Research Methods for Marketers

The course also offers accreditation and exemption opportunities, an example being the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) certification. If students complete the Direct and Digital Marketing module, then they will also receive an exemption for a Certificate in Direct and Digital Marketing. Best of all, the course benefits from regular contact with experts in the field, particularly from well-known multinational companies such as IBM, Tesco, NEXT, American Express, and BMW.

3) International Business and Management

This course is particularly tailored towards graduates and professionals who would like to give themselves a competitive edge in the current international job market. Being taught in a truly global business school, students will benefit from the diverse nature of both the staff and student body. There are also a vast range of relevant optional modules available, allowing students to tailor the course to their career aspirations. Examples include customer management, creative industry management, international trade, supply chain management, corporate management, strategic planning, human resources and marketing.

Example Modules:

  • Accounting for Managers
  • International Strategic Management
  • Markets and Resources

4) MSc Project Management

This course was tailored in response to the increasing demand for effective project management across all industries, and will equip students with skills and abilities for effective business planning. In particular, the course has a heavy focus on practical application, with the opportunity to undertake a three-month in company project within an organisation in the UK.

Example Modules:

  • Project Management
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Research Methods
  • Risk Management


How can ApplicationUK help?

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