New Biomedical, Electronic and Sports Engineering courses at Nottingham Trent University

Are you a potential Engineering student? There are more options out there than you think. For example, have you considered Biomedical, Electronic and Sports Engineering? Nottingham Trent University may be the ideal place for you.


Nottingham Trent University, previously dubbed “the most environmentally friendly university in the UK”, by the People and Planet Green League, also boasts outstanding employability records, and a strong research arm. The Research Excellence Framework, (REF) also claims 90% of research submitted by the university is “world-leading”, “internationally-excellent,” or “internationally-recognised” standard (Source). Nottingham Trent University has recently launched some new MEng and BEng Engineering courses in the fields of Biomedical, Electronic and Sports Engineering, specifically in collaboration with PepsiCo, GlaxoSmithKline and Speedo, which give graduates an edge in the industry. But firstly, what exactly are these fields, and what potential careers are we looking at?

1) Biomedical Engineering

In a nutshell, Biomedical engineering (BME) is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes (e.g. diagnostic or therapeutic). This exciting discipline involves the exciting application of engineering knowledge and skills to human biology, healthcare and medicine. It is a broad area of study which includes a remarkable amount of knowledge from other subjects such as electronic and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, maths and biology. Overall, students will gain broad training in modern biomedical engineering and learning about the complexities of human anatomy and physiology.

Biomedical Engineering can lead to exciting career paths such as:

  • Biomedical engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Manufacturing systems engineer
  • Quality manager
  • Nuclear engineer

What does Nottingham Trent offer?

To help you, the student, become a bioengineer of the future, Nottingham Trent works closely with the industry to prepare you for an exciting career in the industry. Their courses are highly practical, as they use real examples and projects. The courses will look at current health issues and develop materials, processes and devices to help prevent, treat and rehabilitate patients.

  • Meng Biomedical Engineering
  • BEng Biomedical Engineering

2) Electronic Engineering

Electronics engineering utilizes non-linear and active electrical components (such as semiconductor devices, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits) to design electronic circuits, devices, microprocessors, microcontrollers and other systems. In summary, electronics is within the broader scope of electrical engineering as an academic subject, and covers subfields such as analog electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics. It is an exciting subject that covers an extremely relevant topic for today’s current society.

Electronic Engineering can lead to exciting career paths such as:

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Broadcast engineer
  • IT consultant
  • Nuclear engineer

What does Nottingham Trent offer?

Nottingham Trent offers great Electronic Engineering courses. The course offers the opportunity to be at the forefront of the practical electronic engineering revolution, and opportunities to dig deep into the latest challenges facing electronic engineering departments and companies. Want the latest developments? These courses offer the invaluable opportunity to keep up-to-date in this rapidly developing field.

  • Meng Electronic Engineering
  • BEng Electronic Engineering

3) Sports Engineering

Sports engineering involves the technical application of maths and physics to solve sporting problems, which is within the realm of designing equipment, building facilities, compliance with safety standards and analyzing athlete performance.

Sports Engineering can lead to exciting future career paths such as:

  • Exercise physiologist
  • Bicycle engineer
  • Sports technology engineer
  • Fitness app developer
  • Safety instructor

Sports engineering is a growing field, which opens up the realm of possibility for future work.

What does Nottingham Trent offer?

Being a relatively new field, Nottingham has taken the initiative to produce courses to meet growing demand. The rapidly expanding area is actually attracting large interest and investment from professional sports clubs, sportswear and equipment manufacturers, in addition to health and wellbeing app and technology developers. With the rise and demand of healthy lifestyles and fitness regimes, the demand for students with this skillset and knowledge base will definitely be valuable in the future. Nottingham Trent’s courses teach students to design and develop sport technology devices and concepts.

  • MEng Sport Engineering
  • BEng Sport Engineering

Scholarships by Nottingham Trent

All international students, regardless of nationality can get £2000 per year for the duration of their course, which is a fantastic tuition fee discount that makes a difference.

Accommodation by Nottingham Trent

Even better, students who apply for one of the courses above will be guaranteed accommodation in the NTU hall of their choice! Not only that, but they will also pay first term of rent! (Source) This is especially appealing for students who may be worried about accommodation availability and choice.

The final word

Nottingham Trent has some fantastic engineering opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants. No idea where to start? That is where we can help.

Get into contact with our UKEC Malaysia counsellors for free consultation and application guidance. Our counsellors can advise and tailor your application, providing personal statement guidance, visa support, and general support which extends to our offices in the UK.

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