Visa application (Part III): How does it work?

United Kingdom Border Agency visa application form. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.

By now you must think you know everything about applying for a Tier 4 student visa in Malaysia? Well, bear with us for one more post and you’re there but first, let us take you through the entire process so at every stage of the application, you know what to expect and spare yourself the unwanted surprises! Continue reading “Visa application (Part III): How does it work?”

Visa application (Part II): Documents

Welcome to Part Two of the “Visa Application” series where we break down everything you need to know about UK visa application. We hope you have picked up a tip or two from our previous post.documents.Surely you can tell by now what the second part will entail, yes, gathering all the necessary documents for your application can take time but with this checklist, we can make the job so much easier for you. Continue reading “Visa application (Part II): Documents”

Visa application (Part I): When & where?

If you have applied for a course last month, then you probably will have heard from your preferred university by now… and if you have, we hope it was the news you were hoping for!UKVisas.svgBefore you start packing your bags and jump on a UK-bound plane though, you need to get the correct visa sorted. Applying for a visa may seem like a daunting process but let us assure you that it is most definitely not, as long as you stick to the rules. Continue reading “Visa application (Part I): When & where?”

From Unconditional to CAS to Visa

What to do after you receive your Unconditional offer from your chosen University

Once you’ve received your unconditional offer, to receive your CAS statement, you will need to accept this.

You will then shortly receive your CAS statement. Once you receive this (confirmation of acceptance for studies) from your University that means the next step for you is to prepare to apply for your visa. Continue reading “From Unconditional to CAS to Visa”

UKVI Suspension List 2014

UK HEI and Colleges who have had their Visa Sponsorship Licenses revoked

The UK Visa and Immigration department (formerly the UK Border Agency) has released a list of Higher Education Institutions and Colleges who’s license to sponsor International students has been suspended

If the University or College you have applied to is on this list, you will no longer be able to study or complete your studies at this institution.

UKEC would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we will be able to apply on your behalf to a recognised and approved partner University or College, as part of our free service. If you require a transfer from your current University or College, this also applies.

Please be assured we will treat your case as high priority and endeavour to get you a replacement offer as soon as possible. 

Please contact us for more information or to apply today.


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