Enchantment in the United Kingdom

Written by AppUK Student Ambassador in USA, Leanne Springer.


“I wandered lonely as a cloud/That floats on high o’er vales and hills, /When all at once I saw a crowd, /A host, of golden daffodils…”

These famous lines quoted in the poem, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,” were written by the renowned British poet, William Wordsworth, known for being a strong force of the Romantic Movement that hit the shores of Great Britain in the late 18th century.  This particular poem was influenced by a bed of daffodils that Wordsworth and his sister stumbled upon while walking through the English countryside.  Many other great authors and poets come to mind when I think of Great Britain, such as Emily Brontë, Charles Dickens, William Blake, Lord Alfred Tennyson, John Keats; to name a few.  My personal love for culture and nature has been burgeoned by the works of such writers.  What better a place for students, specifically from America and Canada, than the United Kingdom to explore and embrace such an abundance of culture and nature?

As English is an official language of America and Canada, students from these countries should have no problem when facing a language barrier in the UK.  Through personal experience, I have come to realize how daunting it can be to study abroad in another country where the language is not your own.  This can lead to communication breakdown.  Though I am not discouraging study in a foreign country where the language is not familiar to one’s own, I do encourage American and Canadian students to study in the UK because of the similarities in language.  This can act as a comfortable beginning for students who have rarely or not traveled outside of America and Canada previously.

Americans and Canadians share another similar aspect with the United Kingdom, which is a mutual respect for nature.  All of these countries offer an abundance of beautiful, natural scenery.  Who does not like to go on a walk through the woods, or to be overlooking a sunset on an ocean shore?  The United Kingdom offers these natural wonders as well.  Americans and Canadians alike can enjoy nature in the United Kingdom, while experiencing a different culture.

Those potential students who decide to study in the United Kingdom through ApplicationUK also have added benefits from the company, such as a free application process, a single application that qualifies for five universities (unlike most North American universities that require a single application for each university, a headache in itself), sponsorship of the Visa, and a bonus of £300.  The money can be used however you see fit (maybe a shopping spree or local travel?)

The next time you experience another culture (perhaps in the UK?) remember the lines of Lord Alfred Tennyson;

“I am part of all that I have met;/ Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough/ Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades/ For ever and for ever when I move.”



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